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China exported 9.08 million tonne steel in April 2016

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According to latest data from the China’s General Administration of Customs, steel shipments overseas dropped to 9.08 million tonnes from 9.98 million tonnes in March, taking the culative export volume in first four months of 2016 to 36.9 million tonnes up by 7.6% YoY and monthly average of 9.225 million tonnes

Last year, steelmakers in China shipped a record 112 million tons overseas, sending the global market into a tailspin as profits and prices collapsed. This year, the sales may ease to 100 million tons as local demand strengthens, according to an estimate from the China Iron & Steel Association.

Iron ore imports totaled to 83.92 million tons in April compared with 85.77 million a month earlier, according to customs figures. Over the first four months, purchases of ore were 325 million tons, about 6.1 percent more than in the same period of 2015. China is the world’s largest buyer of seaborne iron ore, and its mills account for about half of global steel supply.
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