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SMS group to supply side trimming unit to Severstal

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Severstal has placed an order with SMS group for the supply of a new ASC (Automatic Setting Control) double-head side trimming unit for the No. 3 continuous pickling line in Cherepovets, Russia. The objective of the revamp is to boost line capacity by increasing the availability of the side trimmer while improving the strip edge quality. Improvements in burr formation and edge uniformity will be particularly obvious with soft grades. SMS group will supply the side trimming unit as Special Strip Processing Equipment, pre-assembled and complete with its own electrical and automation systems. The delivery time will be ten months. As the side trimming unit will be delivered in a pre-assembled and function-tested state, just a short line stoppage will be required to integrate the new equipment into the line. The new unit will be fully functional right after the installation.

Arranged at both sides of the line, the circular knives of the ASC unit will side trim the strip in the exit section of the pickling line. At the same time, they will cut the between 1.2 and 6.0 millimeter thick hot strip to the required width of between 700 and 1,650 millimeters. The cutting takes place at speeds of up to 360 meters per minute. An integrated scrap chopper will cut the trimmings into small pieces.

The double-head design provides the advantage that the knives in the maintenance position can be replaced without impacting on production. At each side of the strip, two knife heads will be arranged on turntables at an angle of 180°, requiring just a brief stop of the strip to replace the cutting units. The circular knife units feature an extremely precisely acting knife setting mechanism, combining both automatic setting of the knife overlap and the knife gap by means of electric motors. This ensures premium strip edges without any undesired burr formation at the top or bottom side of the strip.
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