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High speed Daniele bar mill at JSW Vijayanagar performing well

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Daniele reported that the HTC technology is the way to obtain high productivity with small size bars, delivered at ultra-high speeds onto the cooling bed, one bar per notch, both for one-strand and two-strand rolling.

The latest addition to the series of modern high performance bar mills of Danieli, the 220 tph, 1.2 MTPA re-bar mill at JSW Vijayanagar Works in Karnataka, India, achieved rated capacity and set a couple of records in its production program in January 2016.

The mill constructed and commissioned in 18 months, achieved the fastest ever production ramp up to hit 89% capacity in 6 months after start up.

Mr Hari Kumar N General Manager of JSW Bar Mill 2 said “We have rolled during last year all the products, but mainly rebar 2x12, 2x16 2x20 and 25 mm were produced. We are happy with the overall performance of the mill and Danieli is helping us in doing that. Thank you so much for your help and support. Congratulations to the Danieli team on JSW Barmill #2 achieving rated capacity (110%) in the month of January 2016.”

These performances are being achieved thanks to the solid cooperation between JSW and Danieli technicians. The positive results obtained, thanks to the stable and well-known high speed bar rolling system developed by Danieli Long Products Division, are consolidating JSW Group's indisputable leadership in rebar production, in the Far East countries
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