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Latin America imported from China 1.2 million tons of steel in Jan-Feb

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Latin American steel association Alacero announced that the total exports of steel from China to the world including finished (long steel, flat steel and seamless pipes) and steel-derivatives products (wire products and welded tubes)- were 17.4 million tons during January-February 2016, 1% less than January-February 2015. Of this volume, 16.4 million were finished steel and 1 million ton of steel-derivatives products. It’s early in the year to determine if the trend of Chinese exports continues to decline over the previous year, or whether, decreases in the period Jan-Feb are a reflection of the festivities of the Chinese lunar year or seasonal issues.

Latin America accounted for 6.9% of those exports from China, reducing its participation in 3.7 percentage points versus January-February 2015 (10.6%). China’s main destinations for finished steel exports are South Korea, which received 2.0 million tons (11.6% of the total) in this period and Vietnam 1.9 million tons (11.3% of the total).

In the first bimester, China shipped 1.2 million tons of steel to Latin America, which 1.0 million tons were finished steel and 143 thousand tons of steel-derivatives products. The total volume is 35% less than the

1.9 million tons (1.7 finished products and 165 thousand tons of steel-derivatives products) recorded in January-February 2015.

Latin America during January-February 2016 received 143 thousand tons of steel-derivatives from China, being the main global destination for these steels, concentrating 14% of the total. The region is followed by United States (59 thousand tons, 6% of the total) and Philippines (58 thousand tons, 6% of the total).

In February 2016, Latin America received 599 thousand tons of Chinese steel, which 520 thousand tons were finished steel and 79 thousand tons of steel-derivatives products. The total steel (finished + derivate) is 2% less than January 2016 in which entered 609 thousand tons (546 finished steel and 64 thousand tons of steel-derivatives products) and 15% less than 701 thousand tons (625 finished steel and 76 thousand tons of steel-derivatives products) versus February 2015

Finished steel imports from China by destination
The main destinations for Chinese steel (finished + steel-derivatives) in Latin American during January- February 2016 were Central America which received 251 thousand tons (21% of the region); Chile, which accumulated 191 thousand tons (16%); and Peru, with 151 thousand tons (13%).

In January-February 2016, only 4 countries increased their imports of Chinese steel (in percentage terms) versus January-February 2015: Cuba (+187%), Costa Rica (+40%), Paraguay (+19%) and Colombia (+12%). Cuba, Costa Rica and Paraguay, however, still hold a small participation of 2%, 5% and 1%, respectively, of the Latin American steel imports of Chinese steel.

On the other hand, the countries that have reduce their imports of total steel products from China versus January-February 2015 were: Argentina (-89%), Brazil (-69%), Mexico (-59%), Ecuador (-50%), Venezuela (-42%), Peru (-31%) and Chile (-23%) and currently have shares of 1%, 7%, 11%, 5%, 6%, 13% and 16% respectively.

48% of the steel (finished and steel-derivate products) imported by Latin America from China during January- February 2016 were flat products, which reached 577 thousand tons. Among these, the most relevant products in terms of volume were:
> Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet (163 thousand tons, 28%share of flat steel imported from China)
> Hot galvanized (148 thousand tons, 26%)
> Cold Rolled Coil (92 thousand tons, 16%)

Long steel: China exported to Latin America 420 thou- sand tons, mainly concentrated in:
> Bars (263 thousand tons, 63% share of the long steel)
> Rod wire (118 thousand tons, 28%)

The region received 69 thousand tons of seamless pipes (6% of the total). Meanwhile, the steel-derivate products represent 12% of total imports of Chinese steel entered to the region with a volume of 143 thou- sand tons, where:
> Welded tubes (115 thousand tons)
> Wire (28 thousand tons
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